Studio Policies and Dress Code


We are a family friendly studio and we follow a dress code that allows teachers to feel comfortable making corrections as well as allows the dancers to get the most out of their time in class.

We do not allow bare legs/midriffs/revealing outfits in any classes. Dancers must have tights on exposed legs. This compresses the muscles and helps prevent injuries, allows for modesty and comfort for both our instructors and dancers, as well as keeps lotions off our floors.

All classes

Hair must be secured in a ponytail or bun(ballet) with all hair pulled away from the face. No jewelry. No jean material (EVEN STRETCHY JEANS ARE NOT ALLOWED). No gum. No outside shoes in the dance rooms. No facial piercings, watches, jewelry of any kind.

Dancing Stars 1 & 2

Any Color Leotard, tights, and pink leather ballet shoes, Dance skirts or dance shorts may be worn over leotard.


Black leotard, pink ballet tights, split-sole canvas or pink leather ballet shoes.


Leotard or solid color tight fitting top, capris, tights, or leggings (no bare legs). Spandex Shorts over leotard. Tan jazz shoes. No shoes for contemporary.  


Leotard or solid color tight fitting top, leggings, capris, shorts, tights, Black tap shoes.


Loose fitting pants or shorts, tight fitting top, All black (black soles also) non-marking tennis shoes (SHOES CANNOT BE WORN OUTSIDE). Boys – Black shorts or pants and white T-shirt, All black non-marking tennis shoes.